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# Minuteman Discussion

* Supporting Members Forum
* Militia Strategic Goals
* Bulletin Board
* General Discussion
* Minuteman Networking
* National Sovereignty
o Border Reports

# Minuteman Tool Skills

* Longarm Discussion
* Handgun Discussion
* Other Tool Discussion
* Up Close and Personal

# Minuteman Field Skills

* The Basics
* Survival and Field Craft
* Minuteman Medics
* Communications
o National Communications Network
* After Action Reports

# Minuteman Tactics

* You are the weapon!
* Field Tactics Discussion
* Urban Tactics Discussion
* Mission Planning

# Minuteman Equipment

* Offensive Equipment
* Defensive Equipment
* For Sale by Members
* Equipment and Supplies

# Minuteman's Family

* The Better Half
* Preparing Children for Times to Come
* Retreats (Bug Out places)
* Vehicles
* Gardening & Canning
* 72 hour kits for Families
* Food Storage
* Judeo/Christian Values/Morals Discussion
* Pioneering
* Recipes